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Optics Cleaning Kit

Optics Cleaning Kit

All of the materials in our Cleaning Kit are of the highest quality, it contains:

  • An effective, yet gentle solvent appropriate for cleaning most optical coatings, including soft, fragile ones
  • Safe, soft wipes for cleaning delicate and robust optical coatings
  • Disposable, latex gloves
  • Disposable, latex finger cots
  • A Large Giotto's Rocket Air Blaster for removing dust, grit, hair, etc. (not shown in picture)
  • A hands-free solvent dispenser
  • Lens tissue to properly wrap cleaned, coated optics
  • Hermetic sealing zip bags for the safe storage of delicate optics
  • Eight pages of detailed printed instructions
  • Enough consumable materials to clean more than 30 filters of 2x2 inch size
  • All conveniently packed in a portable, heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene, double-wall, carrying case.

    Our Optics Cleaning Kit works well for optics made from glass, and is suitable for use with most optical coatings including anti-reflection coatings. We recommend the kit for all of our customers who purchase our astronomy filters. The Kit can be used with plastic optics also, however, a different solvent must be used. Call and we can discuss your options.



Optics Cleaning Kit




The Optics Cleaning Kit is in stock. Call to place your order.

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